Iran Blows Up ‘US Capitol’ in New Propaganda Video


Iranian state-controlled media on Sunday reportedly released a propaganda video showing an Iranian attack destroying the U.S. Capitol building and Iran conquering Jerusalem, Israel’s capital.

The Washington Free Beacon first reported news of the video.

A 12-second clip of the video opens with footage of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps marching before cutting to a video of a missile being launched.

It then transitions into a fake video showing the U.S. Capitol building burning and crumbling before finally cutting to footage of Iranian troops standing on the hills overlooking Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

In the background, a singer chants in Farsi, “The palace of oppression [referring to the U.S. Congress] was destroyed by the Alavi [Imam Ali’s] IRGC, and the good news of the liberation of Quds [Jerusalem] arrives from Iran,” according to a translation by Tony Blair Institute analyst Kasra Aarabi.

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