Iran and Its Islamist Overlords Have Declared War on Christians


Dozens of Iranians who converted to Christianity have been arrested and face possible execution.

Human rights groups have pleaded with the United Nations to do something. But the international community has remained silent.

“The majority of those arrested were interrogated and detained for periods ranging from a few days to months,” according to a statement by the human rights groups.

“At the time of writing some of these 79 Christians remain in detention and have still not been formally charged,” they added.

The statement went on to note that the 79 jailed Christians are just those they know about. “The true number of Christians apprehended by the authorities could be notably higher” as “many” arrests would have gone unreported.

Illegal Religion

There are some Christians in Iran, but it is illegal for a Muslim to become a follower of Jesus.

Those that do are charged with “acting against national security.”

Iran actually sees Muslims becoming Christians as a national security threat, or, in other words, an act of war.

Iran sees itself as being at war with Christianity.

Obama can deny all he wants that there is a clash of religions and of civilizations. But the overlords of Islam openly admit that it’s true.

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And while the West opens its arms to waves of Muslim migrants, in places like Iran becoming a Christian can cost someone their life.

Source: BosNewsLife

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