INSTANT JUSTICE! VP. Pence Just SLAMMED John Lewis WHEN He Attacked Trump


Congressman John Lewis said that Trump is “not a legitimate President”.

Trump fired off a series of tweets insulting Lewis over the weekend, after the 76-year-old Georgia Congressman said in an interview last week he does not consider Trump to be a ‘legitimate president’.

Pence appeared on Fox News on Sunday morning, and was forced to answer questions from veteran host Chris Wallace about whether Trump’s were fair – given Lewis’ work over decades.

THANKS VP-elect Pence for standing for the truth!

Watch his response:

‘I think Donald Trump has the right to defend himself.’

Pence explained:

“When someone of John Lewis’ stature, someone who is not only an icon in the civil rights movement but also someone who by virtue of his sacrifice on that day that we know as Bloody Sunday, he crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge and it was through that the Voting Rights Act itself – for someone of his stature to use terms like, ‘this is not a legitimate president. AND I HOPE HE RECONSIDERS!”

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(H/T – Daily Mail)

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