INSTANT JUSTICE: After CNN Attacked Him For Days, Hannity Leaked Their Worst Nightmare on Live TV


Liberal MSM have spent two full days attacking Hannity for getting private counsel from Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen.

Hannity cleared it up when he revealed he never hired Cohen, they just had casual private discussions.

But Hannity went on live TV last night and leaked CNN’s worst nightmare. He exposed the sick secret 2 famous reporters never wanted coming out. (Video Below)

“I’m not surprised the media is going after me. It’s predictable, it’s pathetic. Now here’s the truth. The media is guilty of every single solitary thing they’ve been accusing ME of over the last 24 hours.”

“The media is the sewer. They are the swamp. And they’re part of this incestuous corruption and conflict and they sure don’t want to talk about transparency. Here’s why…”


Hannity: “Oh so did Fake News CNN ever disclose all of this when he hosted CNN’s gun control town hall a few months ago? And I wonder if Jake is going to disclose all of this on his show tomorrow? I DOUBT IT!”

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