Inside China’s Quarantine Camps Where ‘Families Kept In World’s Worst Lockdown’


CHINA has constructed a network of massive quarantine camps where thousands face isolation in tiny metal boxes.

It is all part of the Communist Party’s ruthless and overblown “Zero Covid” strategy where one case is enough to spark a crackdown.

Beijing has resorted to brutal restrictions in what has been dubbed the “world’s toughest lockdown”.

And it comes as many countries – such as Britain – are learning to live with the virus with more measured approaches to restrictions.

Perhaps one of the most chilling aspects of China’s brutal lockdowns are the so-called “quarantine camps”.

Massive sprawling complexes of simple metal cabins have been built to house those feared to have been exposed to the virus.

China has proudly shown off these facilities in stage-managed photo ops.

But now unverified videos are emerging of people reportedly now being held in the horrific looking facilitates.

It was reported late last year that China’s National Health Commission (NHC) ordered widespread construction of the camps.

It comes as three cities in China have been placed into full and ruthless lockdown, despite the country only recording 157 new cases nationwide.

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Some 20million people are now in lockdown across China – with the city of Anyang placed under restrictions after just TWO cases of Omicron.

Various reports have emerged of citizens reportedly being bussed to these quarantine camps – with isolations periods of up to two weeks.

Footage emerging from Chinese social media shows a dystopian vision, with people held in the tiny boxes with have just a simple wooden bed and a toilet.

Other unverified videos show men in hazmat suits dishing out food to those held inside the facilities.

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Lines of buses ready to ship people away to the camps are seen in some clips, while others show children behind bars at the camps.

The footage offers a horrific vision of life in “Covid Zero” China.

Men, women, children and the elderly have all been among thousands detained in the camps, according to reports.

Some people allegedly detained at the facilities posted images of the Spartan rooms.

They complained the camps were cold, basic and people were not given enough food.

“There is nothing here, just basic necessities… Nobody has come to check up on us, what kind of quarantine is this?, one reportedly said, reports the BBC.

“They did a big transfer of us, more than a thousand people, in the night and many of us are eld… (Read more)

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