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Insane. Ginsburg Caught On Video Bashing Trump, The Constitution And Electoral College [Video]


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg told an Egyptian TV station in 2012 that she would not recommend using the U.S. Constitution as a model for writing a modern-day constitution.

Can you believe that?

This is what happens when judges become politicians and don’t apply the law of the country anymore.

Andrew McCarthy of The National Review said it best:

It is simply accepted that these justices are not there to judge. They are there to vote. They get to the desired outcome the same way disparate-impact voodoo always manages to get to discrimination: Start at the end and work backwards. Guiding precedents are for the quaint business of administering justice. In the social justice business, the road never before traveled will do if one less traveled is unavailable.

But there’s a problem. Once it has become a given that a critical mass of the Supreme Court is no longer expected, much less obliged, to do law, then the Court is no longer a legal institution. It is a political institution…


That’s not all … Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg got the crowd worked up when during a speech at Stanford University she said she’d support the abolition of the Electoral College. The remark is at the 1:37 mark:

H/T: 100%FedUp

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