Ingraham: ‘No Good Reason’ To Keep Lockdowns In Place Except To Hamstring Economy Ahead Of Election



Laura Ingraham opened Tuesday’s “Ingraham Angle” by slamming Democrats, particularly proponents of coronavirus lockdowns, as Americans begin to benefit from the slow reopening of the country’s economy.

“Today the Dow jumped 500 points, almost closing above 25,000. Consumer confidence is rising. Investors across the board are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. And Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi’s all run by pretty conservative governors.

Well, you see, their life is finally getting back to normal,” Ingraham said. “Even California’s lockdown lover, [Gov.] Gavin Newsom, he’s under pressure from lawsuits from small business owners and people in the faith community. And he has had to ease up also.

“And as for those blue state governors, that just won’t accept yes for an answer. Well, don’t believe for a second their fraudulent justifications that it’s all for your own safety,” Ingraham warned. “You know, they always say … (Read more)

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