Infuriating Videos Surface Of What Liberal Students Did To American Flag & Police Cars During ‘Anti-Gun Walkout’


Unfortunately, teenagers in America are easily influenced, and the liberal mainstream media is all too willing to try and brainwash them.

They don’t understand anything about guns, they just follow a political agenda.

Students across the nation are now participating in “walk outs.”

The Lexington Herald reported that total chaos erupted at the Antioch High School right near Nashville, Tennessee. Students were running around and taking part in totally out of control protests.

They attacked police vehicles and grabbed the American flag that was hanging outside of the school, tearing it down.


A spokesperson from the Nashville Public Schools, “We  respect the right of our students to advocate for causes that are important to them.”

“Unfortunately, some students on our Antioch campus today chose to protest in ways that significantly disrupted school operations and threatened the safety and order for other students and staff within our school,” added the statement.


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