Indiana Governor Signs Gun Bill Eliminating Need For Concealed-Carry Permits


Hoosiers ages 18 and older will no longer required to get a permit to carry a handgun.

On Monday, Gov. Eric Holcomb signed House Bill 1296, saying he trusts Hoosiers to lawfully and responsibly carry a handgun in Indiana.

The law goes into effect July 1, 2022.

Indiana is one of 23 other states with a similar law, the governor added. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signed a similar law last week.

“The Second Amendment has been debated for years, yet time and again our U. S. Supreme Court has reaffirmed this important constitutional right that I fully support,” Gov. Holcomb said.

Those who are currently prohibited under state or federal laws from possessing a firearm will still not be allowed to have one once the law goes into effect, Gov. Holcomb explained.

Anyone wanting to get a permit can still do so.

Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter issued a stateme… (Read more)

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