INCREDIBLE! Should More Americans Know About This?


You want to know the worth of an American soldier? Look no further than the following video.

Yes, our troops are some of the best-trained and capable fighters in the world. But there’s something else that really sets them apart.

What really makes American soldiers special is their compassion, heroism and bravery.

David Eubank didn’t even have to be in Iraq, and as a retired Special Forces operator he wasn’t under any orders when he decided to run into a hail of ISIS gunfire to rescue a trapped Iraqi girl.

But he did it anyway. Because that’s what American soldiers do.

What makes this all the more incredible is that Eubank has a wife and children, and still risked his life for a little girl he doesn’t even know.

He said his family would understand if he died while saving the life of another.

Source: The Daily Caller

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