‘I’m A Farmer’: Democratic Senator Breaks With Biden Administration By Supporting Keystone Xl Pipeline


Montana Democratic Sen. Jon Tester said Monday he is a supporter of the Keystone XL Pipeline, in a clear break from President Joe Biden’s executive order that halted its construction.

Tester appeared on “CNN Newsroom” and was asked by host Poppy Harlow if it was a mistake for the Biden administration to cancel the project. She mentioned that some supporters of the pipeline say the decision could impact “11,000 American jobs.”

“Look, I’ve been a supporter of the Keystone Pipeline, and there has been two caveats, and they have been basic caveats. You do it to the safest standards and you respect private property rights,” Tester responded.

“I think the Keystone Pipeline folks could have done a better job getting the Fort Peck tribe on board and they need to continue working to do that. But in the end, I think it’s a good project,” he explained.

Biden signed the executive order on his first day in of… (Read more)

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