How Many Illegals Entered America On Fake Visas?


Illegals are streaming into American. And now we have confirmation that a “sham” American Embassy in Ghana for years issued falsified passports and visas.

The operation’s primary goal was surely to scam desperate locals out of their money.

But how many of the visas issued by the phony mission were used to gain entry to the United States? And by whom?

‘American’ Embassy Caters to Illegals

Fox News reported that the sham embassy was located in a run-down building. But it flew the American flag and had a big picture of Barack Obama inside. Visitors were certain they were in a genuine US mission.

Those behind the operation advertised the sham embassy’s services through billboards and fliers. Some people were fooled into paying as much as $6,000 for visa services. One service included fake birth certificates to aid entry into the US.

The “embassy” was in operation for years before the Obama Administration put enough pressure on Ghana officials to shut it down.

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