Illegals Concerned After Video Of US Military’s New ADS Weapon Gets Out & Goes Mainstream


The military has now introduced the Active Denial System, which conservative commentator Glenn Beck feels might be the answer to our problems.

Conservative Tribune reports, “You may not have heard of the ADS, which has been a topic of debate for over a decade now. The non-lethal deterrent system been labeled by both military personnel and press alike as a ‘pain ray’ — which, I suppose, is a catchier way to refer to it than ADS. The U.K. Telegraph, describing the system back in 2010, said that military officials described it as a ‘non-lethal, directed-energy, counter-personnel weapon.’”

“Compared with most military vehicles, the device looks relatively harmless — like one of the broadcasting trucks you see outside big sporting events: an anonymous-looking military transport with what appears to be a square satellite dish mounted on top. But it contains an extraordinary new weapon, capable of causing immense discomfort from half a mile away without – its makers claim – doing any lasting damage,” reported the Telegraph. “The ADS works by projecting a focused beam of 3.2mm wave electromagnetic radiation at a human target. This heats the water and fat molecules on the skin, causing their temperature to rise by up to 50C (122 degrees Fahrenheit).”

The outlet continued, “Philip Sherwell, a Sunday Telegraph reporter who tried out the ADS in 2007, describes it as ‘unbearably uncomfortable, like opening a roasting hot oven door.’ The immediate instinct is to escape the beam and seek cover — at which point the effect subsides.”

The Pentagon released an FAQ, which explained, “The Active Denial System is needed because it’s the first non-lethal, directed-energy, counter-personnel system with an extended range greater than currently fielded non-lethal weapons.”

The Pentagon continued, “Most counter-personnel non-lethal weapons use kinetic energy (rubber rounds, bean bags, etc.). A kinetic-based system has a higher risk of human injury, and its effectiveness varies in relation to the size, age and gender of the target. The Active Denial System, however, is consistently effective regardless of size, age and gender and has a range greater than small-arms range. The Active Denial System will provide military personnel with a non-lethal weapon that has the same effect on all human targets.”

The Active Denial System is able hit a target up to 700 yards away.

“The Active Denial System will support a full spectrum of operations ranging from non-lethal methods of crowd control, crowd dispersal, convoy and patrol protection, checkpoint security, perimeter security, area denial, and port protection, as well as other defensive and offensive operations from both fixed-site or mobile platforms,” reports the FAQ.

This would be extremely effective in deterring caravans of illegal aliens attempting to cross the border.

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