Illegal Immigrants Given The Green Light To Work In Congress


Illegal migrants let in during the Obama era and long promised amnesty by Democrats have been cleared to work for House members as part of a massive budget approved this week on a party-line vote.

Liberal members led by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez heralded the $4.8 billion bill, which she said included a 21% increase for staffing.

Washington Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton gave it two thumbs up because it also cleared the way for scooters on Capitol Hill and permitted the locals to sled there after snowstorms.

Norton called it a “salute to D. C. residents, who should have full use of the complex, one of the best parks in the District.”

The bill funds House and Capitol operations, including the Capitol Police, which would receive $603.9 million — a 17% boost over last year, during which the pro-Trump protest occurred. The funding would cover unfunded overtime from that crisis.

A Senate version has yet to pass. The House bill passed 215-207 with just one GOP vote.

One unusual element of the legislation is the approval of allowing members and House offices to hire “Dreamers,” those allowed into the country during the Obama administration under the Deferred Action for Ch… (Read more)

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