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Illegal Immigrants Get CRUSHING NEWS… Not Even Obama Can Help Them Now


Even as Obama is trying to flood America with foreign migrants, many cities are afraid of getting on President-elect Trump’s bad side.

A number of so-called “Sanctuary Cities” for illegal immigrants are beginning to fall ahead of inauguration day.

Most notably, Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco has decided to start arresting illegal immigrants who commit crimes.

Previously, Suffolk County had been one of these “safe zones” for illegals. A place where they could hide and work illegally without fear of being deported.

Trump has made it clear that these cities and counties will pay the price under his presidency.

Incoming Attorney General Jeff Sessions plans to take legal action against those cities and counties that fail to comply with federal law.

Hammer and Anvil

In an interview with Newsday, Dan Cadman with the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) said he expects a lot more localities to fall in line in the coming weeks.

“I mean, let’s face it . . . a new administration is coming in and the new administration has said, unambiguously, they’re going to take an entirely different and harder approach toward sanctuaries,” Cadman explained. “I don’t think that many counties and many county sheriffs and some police departments want to be between the hammer and the anvil.”

DeMarco wouldn’t admit that was the reason for his county’s change of policy. But the timing can’t be ignored.

He and other Suffolk County officials said they are now suddenly on board with detaining and deporting illegals.

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