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Illegal Immigrant Teaches Other How to Steal YOUR Tax Dollars


It’s not just the violation of our borders and the increased crime that makes illegal immigration a problem.

These people are draining our resources by siphoning government welfare and benefits. They are stealing YOUR tax dollars.

And one illegal immigrant is trying to teach others exactly how to get away with it.

Martina Nelson illegally crossed into America from Mexico over 20 years ago. And she’s still here.

During that time, Martina has learned very well how to manipulate our system.

She receives nearly $1,000 a month in government aid, in the form of housing subsidies, Medicaid and food stamps.

Well, unfortunately for Martina and those like her, there’s a new president in town.

And President Donald Trump is done letting illegal immigrants live off the hard work of American citizens.

H/T US Herald

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