Illegal immigrant finds a little white girl and does the UNTHINKABLE


Tell me again how illegal immigration is good for our country?

This is the kind of story liberals and the mainstream media IGNORE so they can continue to champion illegal immigration with a clean conscious.

But this is happening, and it’s happening a LOT MORE than anyone is comfortable admitting.

From the Daily Mail:

A 23-year-old man from Las Vegas has been charged with raping a 4-year-old girl and capturing the sexual assault on his phone.

Julio Cesar Medrano, who also goes by the alias ‘Julio Rodriguez,’ was taken into custody on April 21 in connection with the incident that was said to have taken place on April 3.

According to arrest reports, Medrano was apprehended after a woman found a 30-second clip on his phone allegedly depicting the suspect raping the toddler and called police.

Online jail records show that an immigration detainer has been filed against Medrano, that there is no word on his status in the US, or his country of origin.

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