Illegal aliens plan nationwide protest today – look what they are calling it


Latinos are calling it a #daywithoutimmigrants day. Tomorrow, Latinos nationwide are to walk out from their jobs and not send their kids to school.

RT reported: Latino businesses plan to close, workers to walk off their jobs and children to stay away from school during a nationwide one-day boycott to protest the Trump administration’s anti-immigration agenda.

From Iowa to New York to Texas to Wisconsin to Washington, DC, Latinos will stage a countrywide ‘Day without Immigrants’ boycott on Thursday. The idea sparked over the weekend when the effects of mass arrests in cities across the US started to ripple through immigrant communities.

In Iowa, more than 70 Latino-owned businesses in the Des Moines area have pledged support for the boycott and plan to close on Thursday.

“One day is not going to be a big deal, but once they start deporting (immigrants), it’s going to start making a difference,” Juan Rodríguez, a Colombian immigrant, and US Citizen said he will shut his three businesses Thursday, reported the Des Moines Register. “Businesses will be closing. Mortgages won’t be paid. … The economy is going to start slowing down.”

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Full article @ (Link: www.rt.com)

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