Ilhan Omar’s Money Hustle Blows Wide Open, Reports Say She Gave 40% of Her Campaign Spending Went to Loverboy’s Firm [Flashback]


The Washington Examiner reported:

In the second half of 2019, out of every $10 that Ilhan For Congress spent, $4 went to the E Street Group, the political consulting group run by Tim Mynett, Rep. Ilhan Omar’s alleged boyfriend.

And more than 90% of the E Street Group’s entire earnings reported to the FEC came from Ilhan For Congress.

According to the campaign’s latest fourth-quarter filing of last year, $216,564.64, or more than half of Ilhan For Congress’s spending, went to the E Street Group. Omar’s team reported a total of $403,139.73 in disbursements to retain her seat in an overwhelmingly Democratic district. In the third quarter, Omar’s campaign allocated $146,712.64 of its $493,389.80 in disbursements to the E Street Group.

That means that, in half a year, $363,277.28 of her campaign’s total reported disbursements went to her alleged paramour’s firm, one that seems to have not existed prior to the last election cycle. In fact, of the $677,913.44 that the E Street Group reported receiving from campaigns to the FEC for the entirety of its existence, a majority, $369,551.02, came from Ilhan For Congress.

Now, everyone is innocent until proven guilty (except Trump and his supporters) so we need to wait and see if the system actually does anything about this.  To be honest, I am not holding my breath.

Ever since the DS began their never ending plotting to overturn Trump’s election in 2016, I have lost more and more faith in our law enforcement leadership (federal law enforcement) as each day goes by.

Let’s hope the DOJ grows a backbone and starts holding some corrupt politicians accountable ASAP.

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