Idiot Celebs That REFUSED Trump’s Inauguration Invitation Just Got a VIOLENT SLAP OF REALITY!


The entertainment industry is so shamelessly liberal that Donald Trump has been having trouble convincing singers to perform at his Inauguration, as many artists believe this would be a career-killing move.

However, the one singer who has agreed to perform at the inauguration has just learned that taking a stand for Trump actually pays off big time…


Jackie Evancho, who was the runner-up on the show “America’s Got Talent” when she was only 10 years-old, is the only singer who has confirmed she’ll sing at the inauguration at this time.

IJ Review reported that this move has literally paid off for her, as the 16 year-old’s latest album, “Someday at Christmas,” is #1 on Billboard’s Classical Albums chart.

According to TMZ, Evancho’s weekly album sales quadrupled in digital sales after the inauguration announcement and retailers had to restock twice to keep up with demands.


Unlike other entertainers, Evancho appears to be able to put her politics aside and just focus on her singing.

“I’m so excited. It’s going to be awesome,” she told the Today Show. “I felt really honored to have the chance to perform for the President again.”

It looks like the singers who are boycotting Trump’s inauguration might want to rethink their stances!

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