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ICE Hands Trump a MAJOR Victory, and Liberals are RAGING


President Trump scored a major win last week when ICE officials captured one of their most wanted illegal immigrants.

Jose Victor Bonilla-Melendez had been on ICE’s most wanted list for years after being convicted of sexual assault.

But under Obama, ICE didn’t have the authority or the resources it needed to effectively go after guys like Bonilla-Melendez.

And the American people paid the price.

But under President Trump, the deportation of illegals has skyrocketed.

And it’s guys like Bonilla-Melendez that ICE most wants to get its hands on.

Sweetening the victory is the fact that when ICE agents went to arrest Bonilla-Melendez, they also found his brother, German Bonilla.

Now, German Bonilla has been convicted of sexual assault against children, and was already deported TWO TIMES.

But, again, under Obama, he kept finding ways back into the US.

What’cha wanna bet that under Trump, these two won’t be entering America again anytime soon.

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