‘I Hope I Scared The Sh*T Out Of You:’ Bill Maher Warns Of ‘Slow-Moving Coup’ That Could Put Trump Back In Power


HBO show host and comedian Bill Maher warned that former President Donald Trump could re-enter office – with the help of a “slow-moving coup” – on a Friday evening segment of “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Maher said that Republican leaders were being forced to rely on the former president to remain in office after the 2022 midterm election due to Trump’s “purging” of any Republican that stood in opposition to him.

“I’ve been saying ever since he lost, he’s like a shark that’s not gone, just gone out to sea,” Maher said.

“But actually he’s been quietly eating people this whole time. And by eating people, I mean he’s been methodically purging the Republican Party of anyone who voted for his impeachment or doesn’t agree that he’s the rightful leader of the seven kingdoms.”

“President Biden is under extraordinary pressure to do something to stop the coup before his authority over the military and the Justice Department evaporates at noon of January 20th. What happens when two presidential candidates show up on inauguration day, both expecting to be sworn in like a bad sitcom pilot? I hope I scared the shit out of you,” Maher continued.

The show host said the ten House GOP leaders that voted in favor of Trump’s impeachment will be stripped of their political positions and be replaced by those that continue to support the former president’s agenda.

He said “arch conservative” Republican Reps. Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio, who voted for the impeachment in the aftermath o… (Read more)

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