‘I Guess I’m Debating You, Not Him … I’m Not Surprised’: Trump Slams Chris Wallace Minutes Into First Presidential Debate


President Donald Trump slammed moderator Chris Wallace minutes into Tuesday’s first presidential debate after the Fox News anchor tried to regain control of a discussion.

Wallace moderated the first presidential debate Tuesday with Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Minutes into the debate, the focus turned to Obamacare and Trump began to speak as Wallace tried to ask a question.

Trump said that he would “ask Joe” about Obamacare, referring to a specific “mandate which was the most unpopular aspect” of it.” Wallace noted that he was “the moderator of” Tuesday’s debate.

“I’m the moderator of this debate, and I would like you to let me ask my question, and then you can answer,” Wallace told Trump. (RELATED: Media Outlets To Live Fact-Check Tuesday’s … (Read more)

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