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Hunter Biden Says Psychedelic Toad Venom Kept Him Sober For A Year


President Joe Biden’s son Hunter tried everything to wean himself off alcohol and crack — from yoga and therapy to psychoactive drugs and the anesthetic ketamine.

But in his new memoir, he credits the secretions of the Sonoran Desert toad with keeping him sober for a year.

He describes how he traveled to Mexico in 2014, as his marriage was unraveling, in a desperate attempt to get his life back in order, using drug treatments that were not legal in the United States.

First, he was given ibogaine, a psychedelic derived from plants at a clinic in Tijuana, which he says created a flickering “slideshow” of his life.


Then, at a beach house, a nurse administered 5-MeO-DMT therapy using toad secretions, which are believed by its fans to ease depression, heal the scars of trauma, and cure addiction.

“It was a profound experience. It connected me in a vividly renewed way to everyone in my life, living or dead. Any division between me my Dad, my mommy, Caspy, or Beau vanished, or at least became irrelevant,” Biden writes in his book Beautiful Things, using a family nickname for his sister Naomi who died with his mother in 1972 after a car crash.

“It felt as though I was seeing all of existence at once – and as one,” he writes.

People who have used the drug compare its effects with that of a religious experience, leaving them feeling reborn.

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