Hungary Just Built a Border Wall, What Happened Next Gives Trump All the Reasons To Start a Great Wall in Texas!


Liberals are really concerned about the cost of the wall that President Trump promised to build during his presidential campaign.

They now care about our debt, why didn’t they say anything when Obama closed out his presidency with nearly $20 trillion in debt.

Again, liberal hypocrisy at its best.

Nevertheless, if we build the wall ($15-25 billion) we will save around $113 billion – that’s the annual cost of illegal immigration in America.

We know this is an estimate but let’s check at what happened to Hungary.

According to Breitbart:

The Hungarian government’s decision to rapidly construct strong border fences along their frontiers has had a positive financial effect, achieving substantial savings on the cost of illegal immigration.

Zoltán Kovács, official spokesman for Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, told Hungarian media last week that “the monies spent on border protection are very obviously being recouped”.

Speaking to Breitbart London, the Hungarian government’s International Communications Office explained:
“The Hungarian state spends a total of 5,505 forints on the daily care of each illegal immigrant. To put things in comparison, the minimum wage in Hungary is currently 127,500 forints/month, which equals to 4,250 forints/day.”

This adds up to an annual cost of some 2,009,325 forints per illegal migrant, per year.

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Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, recently reported that the introduction of “technical barriers” to illegal migration on the Hungarian/Serbian border slashed crossings via that route from 200,000 in 2015 to 25,000 in 2016 –- a massive theoretical saving.

Directly following the completion of their border fence, they cut the number of illegal immigrants entering from 6,5353 a day to a mere 29 a day within a week.


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H/T: Allen West

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