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Hundreds Show On And Off The Water For ‘Maga’ Boat Parade



CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) – Hundreds of Trump supporters took to the Charleston harbor today for a MAGA boat parade while spectators packed the battery.

The event organized online had over 700 people signed up to attend and more than one thousand people interested.

The water was packed with participants and others out boating during the holiday weekend.

“We’ve got our friends coming in,” participant Michael Holcomb said. “There’s people we saw coming in from all over to watch this and view this. So it’s pretty awesome.”

The parade started around noon while dozens lined the battery to take pictures.

Frank Collins said he was astonished by the number of the crowd both on the battery and in the harbor.

“We just came out to see how big it was going to be and were overwhelmed, this is huge,” Collins said…. (Read more)

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