WARNING: This is How Obama Plans to Rule America After the White House


Think we’ve heard the last of Barack Obama after Trump takes office? That would be nice, but think again.

And it’s not just that he might give hostile speeches or try to push Michelle into the White House. He’s going to try to take power by other means.

D.C. Clothesline laid out the frightening truth:

“Obama isn’t going to retire. He’s not going to spend years puttering around with a presidential library. He’s not even going to set up a Clintonesque slush fund and try to make his wife president. Instead he wants to force radical change from outside the White House by using the network he’s built.”

Remember, Obama began his political career as a “community organizer.” We all mocked that fact originally, but his experience in that capacity turns out to be quite dangerous.

Obama Network

Obama has a personal organization called “Organizing for Action” that he describes as “a movement of millions of Americans, coming together to fight for real, lasting change.”

In a recent call with OFA staffers, he reportedly said it was time to “move forward not only to protect what we’ve accomplished, but also to see this as an opportunity.”

There is speculation that Obama plans to use the fear-mongering and anger on the Left to organize a counter-revolution.

He knows how to do that, and his personal views are radical enough to justify such un-democratic action.

“I’m still fired up and I’m still ready to go,” Obama said during the OFA staff call. “You’re going to see me early next year, and we’re going to be in a position where we can start cooking up all kinds of great stuff to do.”

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Opening Salvo?

It made a lot of people scratch their heads when the Democrats responded to Clinton’s defeat not by moving more toward the center, but by nominating radical Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison as the next head of the DNC.

Maybe this was Obama’s opening salvo. Maybe this kind of behind-the-scenes organizing is how he plans to manipulate politics until he can reclaim power.

That was the conclusion reached by D.C. Clothesline:

“Obama will move to consolidate the left. And then the Democrats. He will function as a president-in-exile heading up the opposition to Trump. When it comes to verbally challenging Trump, Obama will be more likely to be interviewed and heard than Ellison or Schumer. And his people will coordinate responses across the left from street level organizing to think tanks and policy moves.”

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