How Hillary Clinton Helped Literally the Worst Person in the World to Run For Public Office


Thank God America doesn’t have to tolerate Hillary Clinton herself in office, especially the highest office in the land.

But the good people of Virginia might soon have someone possibly even worse than Hillary representing them thanks to her antics and those of her less scrupulous backers.

You see, about a year ago, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe wanted so badly for Hillary to win the presidential election that he rammed through an executive order restoring the voting rights of ex-felons.

What the order also did was enable said ex-felons to run for public office.

And now, one of them is doing just that.

The Fauquier Times reports:

Nathan Larson, a Catlett accountant and self-described “red pill Libertarian” who announced his candidacy for state delegate this week, was convicted in 2009 for “threatening the president of United States,” according to court documents.

Larson pleaded guilty in May 2009 to charges related to emails he sent the U.S. Secret Service in December 2008, stating, “I am writing to inform you that in the near future, I will kill the president of the United States of America,” according to an October 2009 press release issued by the United States Attorney’s Office in Colorado.

Oh, but there’s more.

In addition to issuing a very real threat to assassinate the president, Larson’s electoral platform reads like a psychopath’s manifesto.

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Larson says he’s “anti-feminist,” which might not initially sound all that bad, considering the bizarre brand of feminism that’s hijacked the liberal ranks of the movement.

But what Larson means by “anti-feminist” is repealing women’s right to vote and denying girls a public education.

He also supports incestuous and polygamous marriages, and believes men should be able to physically “discipline” their wives.

Under standard American laws, we’d be spared the spectacle of this nutcase contesting public office, since he’s committed a felony.

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But thanks to the scheming of Hillary Clinton’s friends in the Democratic Party, guys like Larson are now given the opportunity to shape our society. And it won’t be for the better.

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