‘How About A Word For His Victim?’: Megyn Kelly Unloads On Kamala For Saying She’s ‘Proud’ Of Jacob Blake


Megyn Kelly gave Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris a piece of her mind Tuesday, criticizing her for saying that she was “proud” of Jacob Blake.

Harris visited Blake, who was shot in the back by Kenosha police officers when he attempted to enter the driver’s side of a car even after being hit twice by a taser. Blake was at least partially paralyzed after the shooting and doctors have not yet indicated whether that condition is permanent.

After news of the visit spread, Kelly wondered in a tweet why Harris did not appear to be showing any concern for the woman Blake had allegedly sexually assaulted prior to his confrontation with police.

“PROUD of him? He’s accused of breaking into a sleeping woman’s house, sexually assaulting her, hum… (Read more)

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