House Republicans Outline Their Antitrust Agenda For Tech Giants


Lead Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), and his fellow GOP Representatives on Wednesday laid out their framework for reining in Big Tech companies’ control over the public discourse.

The document outlined steps to rein in Big Tech and end their practices that have resulted in the infringement on the free speech of Americans. The proposal comes a couple of weeks after the House Judiciary Committee voted to advance six bipartisan antitrust bills.

Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N. Y.) praised the passage of the bills. “By reining in anti-competitive abuses, our legislation ensures there is a space for opportunity and innovation to thrive online,” Nadler said.

But Jordan said he does not believe the anti-trust legislation will bring benefit to Americans or protect free speech.

He said the bills advanced by the Judiciary Committee do not address tech monopolies and free speech issues, and instead give Congress the power to regulate Big Tech Companies, making the government more powerful.

“I think what these bills do, very clearly, is they marry up big government with big tech, and I think it’s going to make the situation worse,” Jordan told Fox News last month.

The Ohio congressman said that he only supported a couple of the bills in the package, and that the package “as a whole, is bad and most of the legislation in the package, certainly for these bills, [are] very problematic.”

“Democrats want to use the power of the regulatory state the power of big government, particularly the Biden administration to further control the economy and limit speech,” he said.

“The empowerment they give to the Federal Trade Commission to run companies, and the one bill has secret committees that aren’t subject to any type of transparency.

“What we need to do is take away their liability protection and break them up, two simple things. That’s what Republicans are going to focus on doing,” h… (Read more)

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