House Intel Republicans ‘Will Not Comply’ With Adam Schiff’s Committee Testing Requirement


Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee “will not comply” with Chairman Adam Schiff’s, D-Calif., COVID-19 testing requirement to take part in committee business.

House GOP leadership held a news conference on Wednesday with House Intelligence Committee member Rep. Mike Turner, R-Ohio, announcing committee Republicans’ noncompliance with Schiff’s demand.

Turner revealed that Schiff had instructed committee members to “present negative tests” ahead of Thursday’s briefing in order to take part in the hearing — one of a member’s basic job functions.

The Ohio Republican said that while Americans “struggle just to get basic access to testing” and endure “vaccine mandates and vaccine ID mandates” to go about their daily lives in certain cities, Schiff “believes members of Congress should be tested just to show up for work.”

“The American public does not have this pri… (Read more)

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