House Dems Block Energy Independence Bill; GOP Energy Expert Slams Move As ‘Unconscionable’


House Democrats on Wednesday blocked consideration of a Republican bill aiming for U. S. energy independence from Russia amid the Ukraine war. A former environmental engineer now running for Congress in New Mexico condemned the move as “unconscionable” in comments to Fox News Digital.

“House Dems just voted against a measure by [House Republicans] to consider the American Energy Independence from Russia Act — a critical bill that would unleash American energy production,” Rep. Stephanie Bice, R-Okla., tweeted Wednesday. “Clearly, Dems don’t care about solving our crushing energy crisis. Unbelievable!”

H. R.6858, the American Energy Independence from Russia Act, would approve the Keystone XL pipeline without a presidential permit, direct the president to commission an energy security plan, and open up oil and gas leases across the U.S., among other things. Republicans have emphasized U.S. energy production as the solution to America’s importing Russian oil – which President Biden halted in an executive order this month – and to Europe’s reliance on Russian oil amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Alexis Martinez Johnson, an environmental engineer and Republican candidate for New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District, slammed Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez, D-N. M., for voting to block the bill.

“This now marks the second time in as many weeks that Leger … (Read more)

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