HORROR IN THE SKIES: Airline Passengers In Mid-Flight PANIC


An airplane full of passengers broke into a mid-flight panic after a nasty surprise dropped out of an overhead bin into one passenger’s hair.

Incredibly, the incident occurred on a United Airlines flight, making this possibly the worst week EVER for the company.

Earlier this week, United became the focus of an outrageous scandal when it had a paying passenger BRUTALLY removed from a flight to make room for someone else.

And now, on a flight from Houston to Calgary, another passenger is stung by a SCORPION!

During the flight, the critter fell out of an overhead bin and onto the head of passenger Richard Bell, who was sitting with his wife, Linda.

Richard quickly flung the scorpion onto his meal plate, and then, unwisely, tried to pick it up.

Perhaps he didn’t yet realize what was going on. Perhaps he thought it was a toy scorpion tossed by a child.

Unfortunately, it was very real, and stung Richard on the hand.

Another passenger then stepped on the scorpion and disposed of it in the toilet.

Immediately upon landing, medical personnel attended to Richard Bell and found that he was not suffering from any severe poisoning.

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