HORRIFYING Video Shows Muslim Migrant Boy ‘Playing’ With Terrified White Girl


Not only are Muslim migrants bringing with them cultural values incompatible with our own, they’re teaching their children to behave the same way in direct defiance of OUR values and laws.

It’s one thing for a Muslim man steeped in his own culture to struggle to adjust to ours (for those who even try). It’s another for these migrants to continue to raise their children to rape “infidels” despite now living in OUR countries.

But that’s precisely what it appears is happening in the following video, which shows a very young migrant boy pinning a little white girl to the ground while fidgeting with his pants. Wonder where he learned that move…

Even more disconcerting is that the men filming the incident are heard encouraging the boy to continue. If, as some have claimed, the two children were merely playing, why the locker room-style egging on of the boy?

It will surprise no one that details of the post reported by Squawker revealed that the man who uploaded the video is Muslim.

Islam encourages the rape of infidels and of women in general who are deemed dishonorable. Hell, it even permits raping Muslim women who would dare to go outside without their heads covered.

And this is what the future holds for our own daughters unless we put sensible restrictions immigration and demand that those who do come to our shores respect our values and integrate into OUR society.

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