Horrible! CNN Asks If Soldiers Should Be Disciplined For Trump Signing MAGA Caps [Video]


President Trump and First lady Melania Trump surprised the troops with a visit to Irag but all the press can talk about is whether the troops should be disciplined for asking Trump to sign their MAGA hats!

Some media even asked if this is a Hatch Act offense!

The fake news media and anchors like Jim Acosta will do anything they can to make president Trump look bad.

The problem is the American people see right through the tactic.

Some reporters claimed the MAGA hats were brought by Trump to the event but even The Hill reported the hats belong to the troops:

According to The Hill, though, the hats already belonged to the troops, there were only a handful, and they asked.

Trump and first lady Melania Trump also used the roughly three-hour trip to deliver holiday greetings to service members in Iraq, where the U.S. has kept a sustained military presence since the 2003 invasion launched by former President George W. Bush.

The first couple entered the dining hall on base to cheers and applause and they spent time speaking with service members and posing for selfies after the president received a briefing from military and diplomatic personnel.

The president signed several red “Make America Great Again” hats service members had brought as well as a “Trump 2020” patch.

Here, CNN asks if troops serving in a war zone on Christmas should be disciplined for having Trump sign ‘Trump 2020’ gear.

Is there any line of questioning beneath CNN?

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