Hong Kong Trump Fans Change Twitter Icons To Oppose Censorship


Pro-democracy Hong Kongers are reportedly changing their Twitter avatars to signal support for outgoing U. S. President Donald Trump and protest Trump getting banned from the platform.

Many of these Hong Kong Twitter users found uncomfortable parallels between Twitter’s ban on Trump and the way their own speech and political activism has been ruthlessly criminalized and suppressed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

According to Coconuts Hong Kong, some Hong Kong residents like Trump because of his opposition to China, while others are more concerned with the precedent social media companies like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are setting for censorship by banning Trump’s accounts.

One of the Hong Kong Twitter users who changed his avatar to Trump’s face said banning Trump from the platform was “unacceptable” and asked, “Why has the company not banned other accounts also appearing to spread fake news or incite violence?”

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