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Hong Kong Bakery Decorates Cake With Joe Biden Sniffing Anime Girl


The Villa Villa Cafe and Bar in Hong Kong published a photo of a custom cake it baked for a customer this week depicting American presidential candidate Joe Biden sniffing the hair of a distressed cartoon girl drawn in the Japanese anime style.

Coconuts translated the Chinese text on the cake as reading, “Warmly celebrate Uncle Biden for his election as the 46th US president.”

Villa Villa Cafe and Bar advertised the cake as available in multiple flavors and noted on their page that the photos printed on the cake are edible. Among the flavors listed are coffee, triple chocolate, almond walnut, and rose.

Coconuts noted that the Hong Kong protest movement has identified Villa Villa as a “yellow shop,” meaning that its owners support the pro-democracy movement against China.

Hong Kong has experienced waves of regular protests attracting millions of people in the past year, opposing increased interference in Hong Kong affairs by China… (Read more)

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