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Homosexual Horde Has FILTHY Message for the Holy Land


For the second year in a row, Tel Aviv’s annual “Gay Pride” parade drew more than 200,000 people to the streets of the coastal city last Friday.

The parade took the enormous throng of homosexuals and their supporters through the city center and along Tel Aviv’s famed beach promenade.

Following last year’s parade, a survey found that most Israelis want the gay marches to stop going through the center of town and bringing the city to a standstill in support of an agenda they may not agree with.

But the will of the people fell on the deaf ears of Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai, who proudly told parade participants:

“The Gay Pride Parade is not just a celebration, but an important moral statement. We will continue to be a beacon and compass for the values ​​of freedom, tolerance and democracy. And we will continue to march to bring about the desired change in this country.”

Huldai and others have worked hard to make Tel Aviv a top gay travel destination, an effort that has put his city at odds with Israel’s traditional focus as a place of biblical pilgrimage.

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