HOME RUN! Trey Gowdy Puts Liberals In Their Place on Trump’s “Muslim Ban”


If there’s one thing all the liberal protests over President Trump’s new “Muslim ban” have in common it’s their complete disregard for the truth.

The truth about why the policy was enacted, the truth about whom it affects, and the truth about how it’s being implemented.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) did his best to educate all the liberals currently going bonkers.

We can only hope that SOME of them will rationally consider what he has to say.

From Rep. Trey Gowdy:

“Our nation has a long and rich history of welcoming those fleeing persecution. We also have a long and rich history of liberating those suffering under oppression. We are the most welcoming and generous country in the world, and we are a country of immigrants.

“The world we find ourselves in is dangerous and becoming increasingly so. Since national security and public safety are the preeminent functions of government, there is a fundamental duty to ensure the necessary background investigations can be done to stop anyone intent on doing harm from exploiting Americans’ generosity and taking more innocent lives.

“American people deserve border and interior security. They deserve to know who is coming to our country, for what purpose, and for how long. They deserve to be assured those seeking entry into the country – regardless of the length of stay – have been vetted thoroughly and do not represent a security risk.”

You have to be totally INSANE or have an agenda to not agree with that.

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