Hollywood’s Plan to Use Oscars to Trash Trump BACKFIRES Spectacularly


It was supposed to be a night to honor the year’s best motion pictures, yes. But, more importantly, it was a platform for Hollywood elites to again trash President Trump.

Unfortunately for all those melting Hollywood snowflakes, the only thing anyone’s going to remember about Oscar night 2017 is that MASSIVE mishap.

Instead of talking about this or that acceptance speech that targeted Trump, the Internet is buzzing over how much of a JOKE Hollywood celebrities have become.

Legendary actor Warren Beatty was tasked with presenting the award for Best Picture, the night’s biggest award.

He seemed to know he’d been given the wrong envelope, but didn’t know who the actual winner was, so ended up just reading the name on the card he had.

It was the wrong movie.

And then chaos ensued.

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To make matters worse, Emma Stone, who won Best Actress for her role in the movie Beatty mistakenly announced – “La La Land” – later suggested a conspiracy.

“I was also holding my Best Actress in a leading role card the whole time so whatever stuff you’re hearing,” Stone insisted. “I don’t mean to start stuff.”

Whatever the truth about what happened at the Oscars, it was refreshing to see Hollywood’s elites tripping over one another even as they tried to come together in opposition to President Trump.

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