Hollywood Suffers Spectacular Meltdown Ahead of Midterm Elections


Liberal Hollywood has officially lost it.

Tinseltown’s biggest names have abandoned all pretense of reasoned political dialogue, and are simply taking whatever position is opposite that of President Donald Trump.

Even if that means their position stands in stark violation to US law.

In particular, Hollywood wants Americans to vote Democrat in the upcoming midterm elections because Donald Trump and the Republicans, they say, are racists for not immediately opening the gates to the flow of illegal immigrants from central America.

Actor John Cusack insisted that “no human beings are illegal.”

Yes, John, that’s true. Humans are not illegal. But it is illegal for the human beings who are citizens of one country to simply waltz into another without proper authorization to do so.

Kind of like how you can’t just decide that you’re going to now live full time in Argentina, Poland or Singapore. You have to get permission to do so.

It’s the law. And not just in America, but in every single nation on earth.

Cusack’s ridiculous remark, however, was easily outdone by Bette Midler, who actually suggested that Trump had paid that “caravan” of immigrants so he could engage in scaremongering.


Hollywood has lost it. And by “it” I mean all sense of reason and logic.

H/T Breitbart

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