Hollywood libtard Leonardo DiCaprio caught in HUGE lie against Trump


Little surprise that Hollywood’s arrogant environmentalist spokesman, Leonardo DiCaprio, played a big role in the Peoples Climate March in Washington, D.C. last week.

A little more surprising were the ridiculous claims DiCaprio made both during the march and on Twitter. We thought he was a little smarter than that.

Like the other libtards in attendance, DiCaprio insisted that policies championed by President Trump are going to destroy the planet and ruin everything for everyone.

Kind of a theme for these guys.

Ah, but it seems old Leo isn’t so bright, after all.

Because while he was preaching to everyone about being more “green,” DiCaprio was busy spewing plenty of pollution himself.

Not only had DiCaprio spent the previous week on a super-yacht alone with a supermodel, but he actually FLEW TO THE CLIMATE MARCH ON A PRIVATE JET.


H/T Mad World News

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