Hollywood Libtard Debra Messing Just Messed Up, Big Time


The shock. The horror.

There she was, Debra Messing, one of Hollywood’s premier ultra-feminists, sending out a message to all the faithful on the occassion of International Women’s Day.

But, she had made a grave mistake.

No, the mistake wasn’t that Messing had posted a crude photo of vagina-shaped cupcakes, thereby upsetting the sensitivities of most normal Americans.

Her mistake was that she failed to consider all those fake man-women “who don’t have a vagina.”

Messing later amended her post to read:

I want to apologize to my trans sisters. This photo was supposed to be light, & sassy. The first thing I thought when I saw this photo was “wow how wonderful. Each one is unique in color and shape and size. The porn industry has perpetuated this myth of what a “beautiful” vagina looks like and as a result there are women who feel shame or insecure about the shape of the vulva.

I loved that this picture said “every single one is beautiful and unique and that’s powerful.” I did not, however, think “but there are innumerable beautiful, unique and powerful women who don’t have a vagina. And I SHOULD have. And for that I am so so sorry. Thank you for righting my wrong.

If anything speaks to just how far gone liberal Hollywood is, it’s gotta be this. We definitely aren’t in Kansas anymore…

Via Breitbart

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