Hollywood Elites Show Up For Golden Globes and Get a NASTY Surprise


Last year, the Golden Globes were all about bashing newly-elected President Trump.

This year, Hollywood elites tried to do the same, but just couldn’t shake the fact that the whole nation now knows what disgusting hypocrites they really are.

Waiting to greet our disgraced celebrities was a series of street art calling them out for ignoring the rampant sexual assault and harassment in tinsel town.

The images were the work of Los Angeles street artist Sabo, and he’s calling it “They Knew,” referencing the fact that Hollywood’s biggest names either knew about and covered up sexual assault by the likes or Harvey Weinstein, or they were and are too stupid to have realized the truth.

Sabo told Vice just before the event:

“I would like to think that everyone that’s about to attend the Golden Globes is a little uncomfortable right now, because a lot of people in Hollywood did know what the hell was going on. If Meryl Streep who like embraced him [Harvey Weinstein] and even called him God, if she didn’t know what was going on then she is a dumb bitch.”

Via Daily Caller

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