Hollywood Elites Facing MAJOR BACKLASH From Americans Over Trump-Hate


It could only go on so long before something like this happened.

Americans have had ENOUGH of Hollywood’s elite “snowflakes” belittling the voting public for electing Donald Trump as president.

Since the election, we have been treated to a steady stream of insults from some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, especially at awards shows.

Well, the Oscars are coming up, and a group representing one of the biggest movie-going sectors of society warned that the year’s premier awards show better not feature more of the same.

The Association of Mature American Citizens, which boasts over 1 MILLION dues-paying members, said in a statement:

“More than 60 million Americans voted for Donald Trump this year. They are tired of being demeaned and mocked by celebrities who have become enriched in large part due to the money we spend on movie tickets and other entertainment programs. If Hollywood continue its vicious, bigoted hate speech against those who simply hold different political views, then we don’t have to watch their films anymore.

A boycott by American senior citizens would result in movie studios taking a MAJOR hit at the box office.

Source: Washington Examiner

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