Hollywood Celebs Have SICK Oscar Surprise Planned for Trump


We knew the Academy Awards (Oscars) were going to be hijacked as a platform for anti-Trump political raging by unhinged, disconnected Hollywood “snowflakes.”

Well, they found a way to let all Oscar attendees, not just those taking the stage, participate in the unpatriotic smear campaign.

If you saw a celebrity arrive at the Oscars (assuming you even bothered to watch) wearing a small blue ribbon, this is what it meant.

Written on the ribbon was the acronym ACLU – American Civil Liberties Union – with which I’m sure you’re all familiar.

It was a protest against President Trump’s temporary restrictions on immigration from a small handful of unstable countries.

Completely ignoring the facts of Trump’s policy and why he signed the executive order, the Hollywood elites, who rely on a FAKE NEWS media to so woefully misinform them, believe the president hates all immigrants and all Muslims.

Despite the fact that his wife, the First Lady of the United States, is an immigrant.

It really couldn’t get any sillier, but somehow Hollywood always finds a way. I guess that’s why we pay them so much to entertain us.

H/T Independent Journal Review

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