Hollywood Bigwig Explains Why Melania Trump Got Booed


Again and again, the Democratic Party’s more liberal fringes reveal that they simply have no class.

Like him or hate him, Donald Trump is the duly-elected President of the United States, and the office demands a certain degree of respect, even from critics.

But such lessons in manners are lost on many liberals, especially those running the show in Hollywood.

From Analyzing America:

Rob Reiner, the left-wing Hollywood actor, criticized First Lady Melania Trump after she was booed during an opioid event at a Baltimore high school.

Reiner said, “Don’t think I’ve ever heard of a First Lady being booed. But when you’re married to a Criminal who’s destroying Democracy, it comes with the territory.”

“There is no question: This President is a Criminal who has committed voluminous Impeachable Offenses. The evidence is overwhelming,” Reiner said. “The path has been cleared for principal witnesses to testify. Be Patriots. Come forward. End this Nightmare. Save Democracy.”

With such remarks, Reiner also exposed the Democrats’ liberal flanks as anything but democratic.

In our country, a person is innocent until PROVEN guilty, remember, Rob?!

But Democrats have already passed judgment on Trump, democracy and the rule of law be damned.

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