Hispanic Caucus Lawmaker Refuses To Meet Kamala Harris Staffer Over Decade-Old Tweet Against Illegal Aliens


A member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus refuses to attend a meeting with a communications director for Vice President Kamala Harris (D), Jamal Simmons, over his tweets about illegal aliens from a decade ago.

Rep. Lou Correa (D-Calif.) said that a meeting would not persuade him to accept Simmons’ apology.

“The deep concern to me is this may show his true disposition when it comes to immigration. That’s what my concern is. A meeting is not going to change my mind or give me peace of mind one way or the other,” Correa said to The Hill.

Simmons tweeted in 2010 that immigration officials should have apprehended illegal aliens who had revealed their immigration status live on-air on MSNBC at the time.

He later apologized for the statements.

“At times I’ve been sarcastic, unclear or plainly missed the mark. I apologize for offending ppl who care as much … (Read more)

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