Hillsdale College To Open Charter Schools With Anti-Woke Curriculum


The governor of Tennessee has invited a private conservative college to open 50 charter schools whose anti-woke curriculum will teach students that America is ‘an exceptionally good country.’

Gov. Bill Lee, a Republican, said that Hillsdale College, whose base is in Michigan, could open the schools using public funds, including $32 million set aside for charter facilities, the New York Times reported.

Hillsdale College, which has close ties with former President Donald Trump,  developed the ‘1776 Curriculum’ and is eager to add to its network of charter schools with the curriculum that focus on ‘the centrality of the Western tradition.’

That curriculum – which spans 2,400 pages – was set up in response to the New York Times 1619 Project, which frames the founding of the United States through the eyes of slaves, and has been blasted for multiple inaccuracies.

‘For decades, Hillsdale College has been the standard-bearer in quality curriculum and in the responsibility of preserving American liberty,’ Lee told lawmakers recently. ‘I believe their efforts are a good fit for Tennessee.’

The college’s ‘1776 Curriculum’ is currently being used in the two dozen member schools in about 13 states, as well as several dozen more across the country, per its website.

It comes as battles continue to rage across the US about what is being taught in public schools. Many parents have been outraged by the push towards divisive ‘equity’ lessons based on the teachings of critical race theory, which opponents say is divisive, and teaches white children that they are ‘oppressors.’

Florida has also enacted the Parental Rights in Education Bill – the so-called ‘Don’t say gay’ bill, in response to reports of teachers encouraging children confused about their gender identity to hide it from their parents, and even move them towards medical treatment given to transgender people.

Hillsdale has been criticized for its curriculum, which puts a spin on American history and provides a negative take on the New Deal and global warming.

But to many Republican leaders, Hillsdale is a ‘shining city on a hill’ for its devotion to ‘liberty as an antecedent of government, not a benefit from government,’ Justice Clarence Thomas said in his 2016 commencement address.

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