Hillary’s Book Tour Isn’t Going Well, and That Could Spell Doom For the Democrats


No doubt Hillary Clinton intended her new book “What Happened” to both rehabilitate her own political career and give the Democratic Party a chance in future presidential elections.

But there’s a very real risk that it’s going to have the opposite effect.

As she signs books and does interviews, Hillary’s just coming across as bitter and vindictive. In the book itself, she throws just about every major Democrat she can think of under the bus.

More than that, she launches direct and vile attacks against a majority of Americans, you know, those “millions of white people” who were stupid enough to vote for Trump.

It’d be very surprising if Hillary ever manages to win any kind of vote again in her life. No one wants to back a candidate who’s only going to vilify them should that candidate lose.

And what that behavior, to say nothing of her open revelations, says about the Democratic Party as a whole is just devastating.

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